All Black & White film photographs are developed by me in the school photo lab. Mistakes will be made. Tedium will be had. But I will spare you from (most of) that and present the better, more interesting photos. I use Kodak, T-Max 100 ISO film and an Olympus OM10 camera (yeah, it’s an oldie, but it’s been good to me)

Color photos are also taken with the OM10 but usually on a 400 ISO film. Works best for me when taking shots on a hiking trip so I don’t have to worry about a tripod or lighting as much.

Digital with me is pretty damn unsophisticated. While I hope to be able to afford an fancy DSLR on day; that ain’t today or anytime soon. So, most digital shots are taken with my very portable Nikon, Coolpix S210 (yeah, crappy huh?). Some older photos that I may share were taken with an old digital Kodak . . . Don’t know what model it was, but it took better night shots than my current Nikon. Oh, well.


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