So, you are wondering what is going on here. Good question. It is one that I ask myself frequently enough that I think it can finally be answered in a reasonably succinct manner. I recently took a Black & White film photography class at my local community college as part of a personal project to expand my horizons and keep my sanity. Playing the unemployment market is just not something I’m particularly good at, and as a result, had begun to fall into a malaise of too much time and nothing to do with it. In short, my camera saved my mind!

Now, this was an old-school photography class. No digital, no photoshop, no room for forgiveness. All B&W film shots on this site were developed and printed by hand and not altered by an editing program. That is why all the faults are still apparent in the photos posted. I like it that way, with character!

So before succinct becomes rambling, I’ll end this with actually answering the question, ‘Why do this?’ Easy answer. I like to share and it motivates me to keep doing more. No more malaise, no.


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