Spring Indulgence: Rediscovering my beloved Olympus

Dipping my toe back into the spring and finding a stinging chill, I raised my lens again after almost two years.  Fidgeting with every aspect of the camera, refocusing, readjusting, realizing that the batteries are all but dead; no work, phone or errands to complete; invigorated and intimidated after such an absence of thought; I played in it’s cool waters with delight.  Submerged once again, the world beyond the eye piece stripped me bare before the magnificence hidden within this mortal coil.

Liberty of time, mind and existential wanderings aside; how about I simply post the first new photos in a very long while!

(all photos are being presented in B&W, original, and enhanced formats)

Adventure Time!

BoysBW BoysO BoysA


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