“Contacts” are Interesting Too

At this point, I have run out of actual, full size prints of individual photos. To me, this is very disappointing because there are so many that could have been printed and many, many others that were so close, but just not quite good enough to print. This leads to my second dilemma, my current lack of dark room, not such a small issue. However, there is a place in the city that rents darkrooms called Project Basho that seems promising. So, maybe those new prints will becoming sooner than I thought?

Fronds and Fiddle Heads

In the meantime, all I have to share are snippets taken from the many remaining contact sheets of each roll. Being that it is not a finished product but a glimpse of what is on each roll of film, the quality of each image is far from ideal regarding exposure times, filtering, etc. Given that fault, many of the photos are still interesting enough that I figured “What the hell!” might as well share the ones I like.

Above are two close-ups of a fern, looking up the stem toward the fiddle head. Below is part of the same image that appeared on a test sheet along with a couple of other interesting photos that somehow survived and made its way into the portfolio (of sorts). Enjoy!

Test Strip


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