Photo of the Day: Locomotion

Locomotive Study

Previously in a post titled Glitches, I detailed the several issues that arouse with my beloved yet testy OM10. The most serious problem was when the shutter would activate each time the film was wound between frames. Most of a 36 exposure roll of film was lost, most. This is one of the few that I could print, it is the Baldwin 6000 steam locomotive on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The subtle movement of the camera gives the illusion that the train itself was moving. An effect that I particularly like even though it was unintended. I have been exclusively working with slow 100 ISO film and have grown to appreciate how it captures movement. While frustrating when a slight movement of a person’s face can ruin a portrait (in many cases, not all), for capturing the doings of people, it is truly unique.


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