Losing Prints or My Mind?

If you have visited this blog before, you will have noticed the previous posting of the Jeweler’s Hands. Well, a couple of weeks ago I did another print from that series among others but only the Jeweler’s print went missing. I didn’t even remember printing it until just a couple days ago and have been wracking my brain ever since trying to recall where it could have been misplaced. Perhaps it was mistakenly thrown away with some newspaper during a quick cleaning of the house or maybe it never made it home at all and was left in the photo lab? While prints left in the lab are not initially thrown away (there usually is quite a pile of orphaned prints overtaking a table) it may have been left behind on the wrong day. Just my luck, if true. However, I cannot say for certain, but the blank left in my mind bothers me. Not having a specific memory of where it last was leaves me without resolution. Maybe it just hasn’t been found yet?

Not knowing is the worst of it. Ah, the frustration of it all! I was really looking forward to posting that print! Oh well, I guess I will replace one redundancy with another until I have more to share… enjoy another fun print from The Masquerade Party.

Alone in a Crowded Room

As you may have noticed at this point, there is a subject to all three prints. She is a friend I had not seen in years. Having been recently given the assignment to do an environmental portrait of someone I know well, I decided rediscovering my old college friend through film would be an excellent opportunity.  Each image captures a different element of her personality and psychological being. Ironic when one realizes that we both have degrees in psychology.


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