Photo of the Day: Good Conversation

Good Party Conversation

Obviously, the story to this and a series of yet to be released photos is very, VERY interesting. Sometimes though, it is more interesting to let others make up their own. What do you think is the story behind this photograph?


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Good Conversation

  1. This is a beautiful photograph. It has such a positive energy to it and just makes me smile from ear to ear.

    What do I think the story behind the photo is?

    I think they’re a group of women who are very comfortable around each other, having a laugh over something completely unexpected :)

    • Thank you! It’s one of my favorites for just the same reason.

      I can tell you one thing for certain about that situation. While I was out of earshot, knowing the jokester’s sense of humor leads me to believe there is nothing innocent about the conversation. Especially when there was a bartender directly behind them in nothing but a speedo and a sailors cap. Ah! It was a great night! ;-)

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