Of course, now there are Glitches!

Let me start by saying that I purchased my OM10 in 2001 from Ebay. It has been a wonderful camera and given me my most beloved photographs. Nothing can capture the light quite like this camera and it puts my digital to shame even on the most straight forward of photos. I have never had a problem with this camera. Never a glitch. Then I started a Black & White photography class and the Fates felt it was time to end my bliss. At least I learned something.

While taking this photography class this spring, go figure, my camera starts to tweek-out on me! First, for as long as I have had the camera, there has been only one battery in the casing. Now, I should have known better. I should have reread the owner’s manual. I should have not been such an idiot, but I was. The battery died and the camera failed to work properly when I replaced it. It took me to take it to a not so local camera repair shop to find out that it needed two batteries, and tada!! It worked like a charm and I felt like as ass.

How the camera worked for so many years on just one battery and why it stopped working with a new one, are still unknown.

About a week later, the dial that controls the shutter speed gets stuck on B (for night photos) and will not go back to automatic. Bummer. After about an hour of trying to force it back, I finally get fed up and WD-40 the dial. Worked!

Of course, the fun did not end there!  About a roll of film after that, the camera started to open its shutter every time I wound the film between shots and was particularly fussy after low-light shots. So, afraid that my baby was damaged beyond repair, I went running back to the camera shop and got quoted about $150 and 2-4 weeks to repair. The repairs would take up what was left of my class time, the cost was prohibitive, and damn it all I didn’t want a new camera… so, I went home and opened it up  myself. I soon realized that some of the WD-40 seeped into the camera. After about an hour of winding, winding, and winding the camera to watch the movement of the mechanisms and cleaning out the dirt, I realize that it needed more WD-40 not less. Without anything more to lose (camera was useless and could not afford a new one), I sprayed some directly inside and rotated the camera to make sure that it trickled every where. Then back to winding, winding, winding . . .

Surprisingly, it worked! I’m not kidding in the least, the gamble paid-off! No more shutter problems, and the gears move as if were new again. My wonderful OM10 works perfectly now! At least until the next mini disaster. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.


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